Leadership and Professional Coaching

A standard coaching agreement includes 6 sessions (30-60 minutes each) over a three month period.  Coaching sessions take place via the phone/teleconference. Fees for a standard agreement include an initial discovery questionnaire and goals clarification session, as well as laser coaching (brief coaching via phone or email in between sessions).

Which of the following themes reflect your needs?

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What's next? How will you take the next step? Go to the next level? This coaching focus is designed to help you identity and move forward toward your next goal. Next is ideal for leaders and executives who are approaching transition or sense a change is needed.  

I am looking forward to new adventures. I do not think I would have managed to get to this place without your coaching. You have to be the greatest coach on earth!
— Leanne Ellis, Clinical Nurse Educator

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What do you value?  What is your motivation for personal and professional performance excellence? What is your 'why' and how does it support your goals?  Clarity focuses on identifying and grounding your goals in your essential core values.  If you find yourself highly motivated but periodically feel 'adrift' you may find this focus particularly valuable.  

You were a great gift to me on the journey here, Jon. Your kind, insightful coaching helped me better understand my needs and values, and, ultimately, clarify my goals. I very much valued the time and conversations we shared. Thank you for that kindness and generosity of time.
— Kathy Classen, Executive Director

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What kind of leader do your colleagues, direct reports, friends and family say you are?  What kind of leader do you want to be? Step into your own as a leader.  Define who you are and how you will lead going forward.  Clarify what difference you make and begin to hone your influence. Lead is perfect for both emerging and seasoned leaders.

I want to thank you for all your time that you spent with me. It has been a very positive experience for me! You have helped me see situations from different perspectives...I really gained a new insight into ‘team work’. I have also found my voice.
— Regan Auger, Physiotherapist

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Photo by Mounzer Awad


Do you have a specific project or time sensitive challenge? This approach is short and sweet. I'll work with you in three to four sessions to help you push through and get it done.